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Balustrade Flange Plates



Balustrade Flange Plates

Round Base Plate Flange

Flange Plates Item Name: Round Base Plate / Flange
Item Price: $25.00 Inc Gst

Suitable for fixing posts to flooring or handrails to walls or posts

Popular heavy duty cast "3" hole base plate

Ask for wholesale pricing.
Product Description Round base plate to suit 50 diameter tube.
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Oblong Base Plate Flange

Oblong Base Plate Item Name: Oblong Base Plate Flange.
Item Price: $22.00 Inc Gst
Heavy duty cast "2" hole slab base
May also be used for floor mounting where space is limited

Ask for wholesale pricing.
Product Description Suitable for fixing handrails in between timber, masonry or steel posts
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Concealed Flange and Base Plate

Flange Plates Item Name: Concealed Flange and Base Plates
Item Price: Starting from $8.00 to $26.00.
depending on sizes.

Ask us about Wholesale pricing

Product Description This item is suited for intermediate handrail posts and requires welding.
A sheet material round base plate with self holding cover
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Various Tube Joiner Fittings

Tube Joiner Item Name: Tube Joiner
Item Price: $8.00 Inc Gst

Ask for wholesale pricing.
Product Description For joining tube on long runs.
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90 degree Tube Bend

Flush 90degree joiner Item Name: 90 Degree Flush Joiner
Item Price: $ Email or call for pricing.

Ask for wholesale pricing.
Product Description Corner joiner for stainless tube.
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